How To Query The Microsoft Knowledge Base By Using Keywords And Query Words

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Windows keywords

Query word Description
kbBackup      Creating or restoring backups
kbDefrag Microsoft Defragmenter
kbDisasterRec Disaster recovery
kbDualBoot Dual booting
kbenable Accessibility: information
kbEnableHear Accessibility: hearing features
kbEnableLearn Accessibility: learning features
kbEnableMove Accessibility: movement features
kbEnableSight Accessibility: sight features
kbenv Windows environment
kbEvent Events event models custom events
kbEventLog Event logging
kbFax Fax
kbformat Formatting
kbkern32dll Kernel 32 errors in Windows
kbKernBase Kernel/Base issues
kbRD Remote Desktop
kbRegistry Windows registry
kbRPC Remote procedure calls
kbSafeMod Safe Mode
kbScanDisk Microsoft ScanDisk
kbshell The Windows shell that lets users group-start and otherwise control applications
kbsound Sound/audio
kbSysPrepTool Microsoft Systems Preparation Tool
kbSysSettings Operating system setup and registry settings
kbTimeServ W32 time service
kbVirtualMem Virtual memory
kbwindowsupdate      Windows Update
kbWinsock Communication sockets such as NET Winsock and MFC Socks

Topic of article keywords

Query word Description
kbAppCompatibility      Application compatibility
kbConfig Configuration after initial setup
kbdisplay Displaying information on a monitor
kberrmsg Error messages and error message follow-up information
kbgraphic Graphics
kbHardware Hardware
kbinterop Operation between applications
kbmm Multimedia
kbMobility Mobile Information Server and ActiveSync
kbprint Printing
kbproof Spelling and grammar checking tools
kbRepair Repair processes and tools
kbsetup Setup
kbui Configuring the user interface
kbUpgrade Upgrading or migration
kbUSB Universal serial bus
kbvirus Viruses and macro viruses
kbwizard Using wizards

Type of article keywords

Query word Description
kbBug      Product does not work according to the specification
kbFAQ Frequently asked questions
kbfile Contains a link to a software library (softlib) file
kbfix Discusses a fixed bug
kbhowto Contains step-by-step examples or procedures
kbinfo Informational article that does not include procedures
kbprb A problem that is by design or that is the symptom of a problem
kbtshoot Troubleshooting
kbusage Product instructions
kbWebCastSupport      Contains a link to a WebCast

Security-related keywords

Query word Description
kbQFE      Microsoft software updates
KbSECBulletin Security bulletins
kbSecurity Security
KbSECVulnerability      Known software vulnerabilities

Internet keywords

Query word Description
kbCookie      Browser or operating system cookies
kbFTP File Transfer Protocol
kbHttpRuntime HTTP Runtime
kburl Contains a link to Internet Web site
kbWebBrowser      WebBrowser

Networking keywords

Query word Description
kbActiveDirectory      Windows NT Active Directory
kbDCPromo DCPromo.exe (the promotion process on a domain controller)
kbDHCP Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol
kbDNS Domain Name System (DNS)
kbFirewall Firewalls
kbGPO Group Policy objects
kbGRPPOLICYinfo Group Policy information for Windows 2000
kbGRPPOLICYprob Group Policy problem on Windows 2000
kbnetwork Networking
kbStorageMgmt Storage management
kbTermServ Terminal Server

Messaging keywords

Database keywords

Query word Description
kbExchangeOWA      Outlook Web Access integrated with Exchange

Query word Description
kbDatabase      Database
kbDTC Microsoft Distributed Transaction Coordinator (DTC)
kbJET JET database
kbOracle      Oracle products and technologies

Developer keywords

Query word Description
kbActivexEvents      COM Events
kbActiveXScript ActiveX Scripting
kbAPI Application Programming Interface (API)
kbCompiler Compiler
kbCOMPlusLCE COM+ Loosely Coupled Events
kbComPlusQC COM+ Queued Components
kbCtrl Programming or use of OCX or Windows controls
kbDCOM Content related to Distributed Component Object Model
kbDirect3dIM Direct3D-Immediate mode
kbDirect3dRM Direct3D-Retained mode
kbDirectDraw Direct Draw APIs
kbide IDE
kbJAFC Java Application Foundation Classes
kbJava Java programming/usage
kbJavaFAQ Java Technologies frequently asked questions
kbJDBC Java Database Connectivity
kbJNative Native Java method
kbMSHTML Microsoft HTML Rendering Control
kbProgramming Programming
kbRemoting .NET Framework remoting namespace objects and classes
kbSample Contains compilable code samples
kbWebServices Microsoft Web services

Using query words in your searches

Some articles have an "Additional query words" section. Over the years, query words have been added to articles to make articles easier to locate quickly. However, many query words represent older content and may not be helpful if you are looking for more current information. The following list contains query words that are frequently found in Knowledge Base articles.

Windows components query words

Query word      Description
Vfw      Microsoft Video for Windows
Wps Microsoft Windows Printing System
Wss Microsoft Windows Sound System
Msvoice Microsoft Voice
ScanDisk Microsoft ScanDisk
DiskMem Disk/Memory Management
ISVCompress Third party disk compression
LFN Long file name
MWAV Microsoft AntiVirus for Windows
MWBackup Microsoft Backup for Windows
AWFax Microsoft At Work PC Fax
RAS Remote Access Services
WinComm Windows communications/serial
WinDrvr Windows driver-related information
WinMem Windows memory
WinShell Windows Shell issues
WinTTF TrueType font issues
WinPNP Plug and Play issues
WinTAPI Telephony issues
WinPlus Microsoft Plus!
Dun Dial-Up Networking
Drvspace DriveSpace
WinFat32 FAT32
WinGame Games that are included with Windows
SysInfo Microsoft System Information Tool issues
Multimon Multiple Monitor issues
WinAPM Advanced Power Management (APM) issues
WinBatch Batch files
WinBoot Windows Startup issues
Winprint Microsoft Windows Printing issues
Netclients      Network client

Error message query words

Query word      Description
GPF      General Protection Fault
UAE Unrecoverable application error

Miscellaneous component query words

Query word Description
3rdPartyNet      Third party network issues
MSNets Microsoft network issues
NetUtils Network protocol utilities
NDIS3x NDIS 3.x protocol issues
NDIS2 NDIS 2 protocol issues
NETHW Network hardware issues
AppsComp Application compatibility issues

Microsoft Network query words

Query word      Description
msnsignup Sign-up issues
msnconnect Connection modem and access issues
msnbbs Bulletin board issues
msnchat Chat issues
msnmail E-mail issues
msnnav Navigation issues
msninterop Interaction with Windows 95 issues
msnsetup Setup and upgrade issues
msnaccount Customer account issues
msninternet Internet issues
msnother Issues that are not covered by other MSN keywords

Query words that are used for Encarta and Bookshelf articles that apply to MSN

Query word      Description
msn_encarta Information that is related to Encarta on MSN
msn_bookshelf Information that is related to Bookshelf on MSN

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