Trojan Infection Symptoms - A list Of Symptoms That Indicate A Trojan

Always Run Bad-Ware Programs In Safe Mode!!

If you experience any of the following symptoms, you have been infected by one of the most dangerous type of individuals. These non-stealth hackers are known to destroy data and crash computers when they grow tired of playing their games.

Your CD-ROM Drawer Opens And Closes By Itself
Many Trojans have the ability to open and close your CD-ROM drawer. Two of the most popular Trojans that allow this command are the Netbus and SubSeven Trojans.

Your Computer Screen Flips Upside Down Or Inverts
When you are infected with a Trojan, hackers can make your computer screen blink, flip upside down or invert it so that everything is displayed backwards.

Your Wall Paper Or Background Settings Change By Themselves
The non-stealth type of hacker may change your default background or wall paper settings. Many times this will be done by using a picture found on your computer or one uploaded by the hacker.

Documents Or Messages Print On Your Printer By Themselves
Since the hacker has total access to your computer, he can access your printer and print personal messages to you or print documents found in your folders.

Your Computer Browser Goes To A Strange Or Unknown Web Page By Itself
Trojans allow the hacker to launch your web browser and go to any web page that they preselected.

Your Windows Color Settings Change By Themselves
When infected, the trojan allows the hacker to change your Windows color settings to any colors of their choice.

Your Screen Saver Settings Change By Themselves
Often, the non-stealth hacker will set your screen saver with a personal scrolling message to you.

Your Right And Left Mouse Buttons Reverse Their Functions
Often, the hacker makes your mouse buttons switch around. The right click now does what the left click did and the left click takes on the functions that the right click used to have.

Your Mouse Pointer Disappears
Sometimes the hacker will completely turn off your mouse. When this is done, your mouse pointing arrow completely disappears.

Your Mouse Moves By Itself
The hacker can take control of your mouse pointer and click on icons and start programs as if he were sitting in your chair in front of your computer.

Your Mouse Starts Leaving Trails
The hacker can change your mouse configuration to make it leave mouse trails as you move it.

Your Computer Plays Recordings Of Things Recorded In Your Computer Room
If you have a microphone connected to your computer, the hacker can record and listen to what is going on in the room. Sometimes the non-stealth hacker will play the sound file back when he knows you are in the room.

Your Sound Volume Changes By Itself
Sometimes the hacker will turn your sound volume all the way up or down to attract your attention.

Your Windows Start Button Disappears
Once infected, the hacker can make your Windows start button hidden from your view.

Programs Load Or Unload By Themselves
Hackers can kill or startup programs on your computer. Many times your anti virus is unloaded and then parts of it are altered or deleted.

Your Computer Starts Talking Or Conversing With You
Some Trojans allow the hacker to type anything that he wants to say to you in a box and then make it appear that your computer is talking to you. Many times this feature is used along with the web cam and sound option so that the hacker can see and hear you as he converses.

Your Computer Starts Reading The Contents Of Your Computer Clipboard
The hacker can make your computer speak the text contained in your clipboard and insert new text into your windows clipboard.

Strange Chat Boxes Appear On Your Computer And You Are Forced To Chat With Some Stranger
The trojan will allow the hacker to bring up a square black chat box at which time you can not do anything else but type into this box. The hacker may talk back to you, or just leave this box up to block you from accessing your computer programs while he undermines what you are doing.

Strange Windows Warning, Info, Error, Or Question Boxes Appear On Your Computer
Your computer generates strange warning or question boxes. Many times these are personal messages directed directly to you and asking you a question with Yes or No or Ok buttons for you to click.

You Get Complaints From Your Isp That Your Computer Is Ip Scanning
The hacker can use your computer to attack, send email or scan for other infected computers. You could then even get an email from your Internet service provider warning you that your account will be terminated if the activity continues.

People That You Are Chatting With Know Too Much Personal Information About You Or Your Computer
Hackers can find personal information about you by reading documents on your computer such as a resume, financial records, personal letters, etc. The hacker while talking to you might inform you that he knows your address, phone number, children's names, or other information to try to either gain your respect or scare you in some way. This non-stealth type of hacker is more likely to cause you some kind of damage when he is finished having his fun with you. Be sure to get your copy of LockDown and change all of your passwords, to deny him future access to your computer.

Other People Can Read Your Private Irc Or Icq Messages
While your computer is infected with a Trojan, the hacker can not only see everything that you type, but every message sent to you via programs such as ICQ, IRC, AIM and yahoo pager. If someone that you are talking to seems to know what others are talking to you about in private while using one of the chat programs above you may have been infected.

People That You Are Talking To Can See You Or Know What Is Inside Your Computer Room
If you have a webcam, the hacker can turn it on without your knowledge and watch you as well as see things in the background of the webcam.

Your Time And Date Change On Your Computer By Itself
The hacker can change the time and date on your computer. Often this is done it is to catch your attention and changed to the extreme. You can then expect the hacker to ask you what time or date it is on your computer.

Your Computer Speaker Starts And Stops Working By Itself
The hacker can turn your PC speaker on and off.

Your Computer Shuts Down By Itself
The hacker can cause your computer to shutdown if you are infected by an Internet Trojan.

Your Computer Shuts Down And Powers Off By Itself
Once infected, the hacker can make your computer turn itself off.

Your Task Bar Disappears
The hacker can hide your taskbar from your view.

Symptoms That Indicate A Possible Trojan Infection
Experienced hackers a a general rule try to stay hidden and not give a clue that they have accessed your computer. Experienced hackers try to achieve pure stealth in order to continue access and keep the flow of information open. If you have noticed some of the following symptoms, you may have been infected with an Internet Trojan by a more experienced hacker.

Your Account Passwords Are Changed Or Others Can Access Your Accounts
Sometimes your accounts might tell you that it was accessed last on a date other than a time that you know you had accessed it, or even be denying you access indicating that someone is currently using the account without your permission. Other services like ICQ, AIM or others are also taken over completely not allowing you to use them any more.

You Have Strange Purchases That You Never Made On Your Credit Card Statement.
The hacker can have your computer save your credit card number to a file when it is used or typed on your computer keyboard. When the hacker uses your credit card, it will often reflect online computer related charges for services or programs that you have never purchased.

Your Computer Monitor Turns Itself Off And On
The hacker can turn your monitor off and on if there is any program that he wants to run and make sure you won't be watching.

Your Modem Dials And Connects To The Internet By Itself
The hacker can have your computer dialup and connect to the Internet at times when he knows that you are not at home or sleeping and then connect to it.

Your Modem Or Hard Disk Lights Flash You Are Not Using Your Computer
At times when you are not using your computer, the hacker can be running programs or accessing the Internet which will cause these symptoms.

Your Computer Reboots By Itself
Sometimes the hacker will copy programs or files into your computer that will require a reboot to complete the process. The hacker may also reboot your computer when needed.

Your Files Are In Use When You Are Not Accessing Them
When you have files in use, the icon for the file turns transparent which is an indication that you can't run the file. If a hacker is viewing the file, it will change in this way. Another indication is a temp file, for a particular document in the folder that you are viewing. After the hacker exits accesses to the file, the temp file will disappear which sometimes will also cause your Windows explorer to flinch while it refreshes the folders.

Your Keyboard Or Mouse Freezes
The hacker can freeze your keyboard or mouse if he thinks that you are going to do something that will catch on to him. This could be to run some antihacker software or to simply go into a folder that he is accessing.

Ctrl + Alt + Del Stops Working
The hacker or Trojan may disable this function so that you can not view your task list or be able to end the task on a given program or process.

When you reboot your computer you get a message telling you that there are other users still connected
If you get a message when you reboot telling you that other users are still connected, it means that you have open file shares and someone is accessing your files. You need to put a password on your drives and shares or stop sharing files.

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