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Always Run Bad-Ware Programs In Safe Mode!!

Swat It is a Completely FREE program that scans your files for Trojans, Worms, Bots and other Hacker programs. Swat It can detect and remove over 4000 different Trojan programs plus variants. Swat It was recently independently tested against popular commercial scanning software and we were absolutely delighted by the results.

We try our utmost to keep our software more up to date and current than other similar software. The comparison results strongly indicated Swat It's ability to detect and remove the latest Trojans that are in circulation.

After the Download - It is important to remember that once the installation of Swat It is completed, that you should update the File Signatures by clicking on the Update tab and checking for an update. All Product and File Signature Updates are Totally FREE, this means that you will never have to pay a single penny to get the very latest version of Swat It or to update the File Signatures.

Daily Updates are provided to those that subscribe to our service or purchase the professional version.

E-mail Addresses are used to stay current with both product and signature updates. You will need to provide a valid e-mail address that we can contact you at to alert you of the latest changes and updates. Your e-mail address is treated as confidential and is Not shared with or sold to anyone.

Product Limitations
SwatIT is a free Trojan scanner. It will not scan the contents of compressed files unless you choose the option from the Options menu. This free version does not provide background scanning. It is simply a "dumb scanner" with no intelligence or generic detection methods. SwatIT was released for those that simply can not afford to purchase a commercial program, but still need to clean their hard disk from known Trojan infections.

Like most Scanning programs that are Reliant on File Signature Only, an undetected or unknown Trojan to Swat It's Signature File would go unnoticed and would not give any alert. This is a problem and one which is shared by many other products which also have such limitations when it comes to dealing with the unknown. A point to remember is that just because a scanner does not detect any Trojans, it does not mean that you do not have any. Trojans have a period after release in which they can be used for a short time until it becomes known and detection created for it.

It is technically possible for a Hacker to infect a machine with a Trojan and keep updating that Trojan with new undetected ones. In a case like this a Hacker would always be one jump ahead of a scanner. In some cases people create or alter Trojans that are undetected and do not distribute them much which means some of these will never be discovered. However there are ways to combat this problem and tackle it head on. A little user interaction is required to make simple decisions about what to trust and what not to trust. The answer to the problem is just one word and that word is Generics. The use of Generic Detection allows the newest Trojans that are completely unknown or have not yet even been written to be identified as a possible threat.

You can learn more about the Generic Detection System and how it works by following this link and reading our Hacker Proof Guarantee at Hacker Eliminator

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