How To Block Junk E-mail (Spam)

Spammers can't find you if they don't know where to look.

Besides using spam-filtering software like Omron's MailJail, here are some sly ways to keep your in-box nearly junk-free.

Create an e-mail alias
If your ISP or online service lets you have more than one username, create a throwaway ID for public postings, chat rooms, and for providing a mailto address on your Web pages. Filter, delete, or ignore all e-mail to that ID. Or use a free Web-based e-mail account.

Don't respond to spam
This just encourages the spammers by verifying your e-mail address.

Stay mysterious
Don't create personal profiles with your online service or on your favorite Web pages.

Filter spam on AOL
Type in the keywords MAIL CONTROLS. Click on Set Up Mail Controls. In this window you can set your mail-filtering options, which include allowing all mail, blocking all mail, allowing mail only from specified addresses, or blocking mail from specified addresses.

Block ISP garbage
If you collect e-mail via an ISP with a program like Qualcomm Eudora set up the program's filters to delete any spam before it reaches you.

Fib on forms

When filling out an online form that requires an e-mail address, make one up or use your throwaway address.

Put a proxy to work
Use a proxy server when visiting sites for the first time, or remove your email address from your browser's mail settings.
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