Remote Assistance Security

Remote Assistance Security

Types of Remote Assistance connections

Within a local area network (LAN).

Over the Internet.

Between an individual on the Internet and an individual behind a firewall. Connections through a firewall require that TCP port 3389 be open.

Security concerns
If a user permits it, and it is allowed by Group Policy or through settings in System in Control Panel, an assistant can control the user's computer and perform any task that the user can perform, including accessing the network. To address security concerns within your organization, the following settings are available:

At The Firewall
You can determine whether a person within your organization can request help outside of the organization by prohibiting or permitting inbound and outbound traffic through port 3389 at the firewall.

A user could also send a remote invitation to a friend who doesn't even work for your organisation. While this friend may be a bona fide computer expert, there's always the possibility that the invitation could be used as a chance to gather information about your organisation's network configuration. (However, you can prevent Remote Assistance from connecting to anyone outside your organisation by simply blocking port 3389 on your firewall.)

Group Policy
You can set Group Policy to permit or prohibit users from requesting help using Remote Assistance. You can also determine whether users can allow someone to remotely control their computer, or just view it.

In addition, you can set Group Policy to permit or prohibit a remote assistant from offering Remote Assistance to the local computer.

Individual computer. The administrator of an individual computer can turn off Remote Assistance requests on that computer; this prevents anyone using the computer from sending a Remote Assistance invitation.

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