Security Restrictions Without Using Policy Editor

Security Restrictions without using Policy Editor

There may times when you may not want users to shut down Windows. You can prevent that by editing your Registry. Launch Regedit and drill down to the key

"HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\ Windows\CurrentVersion\Policies\Explorer\NoClose."

Right-click on the NoClose subkey, select Modify and type a 1 (the number one) in the Value data box. Exit Regedit, saving changes. Reboot. Now click on the Start Menu and the Shut Down menu will be gone. To restore the Shut Down menu, change the value back to 0.

Here's some others I've found here and there

Restrictions without running Poledit

If you want to make restrictions to what users can do without having to running Poledit, changes can be made directly to the registry.

This will allow you to make a REG file with the specific restrictions you want and importing them all at once.

1.Start Regedit

2.Go to HKEY_Current_User\Software\Microsoft\CurrentVersion\Policies

3.There should already be at least a Explorer

4.Additional keys that can be created under Policies are System, Network and WinOldApp

5.You can then add DWORD values set to 1 in the appropriate keys

6.In the Explorer key you can add:

NoDeletePrinter - Disables Deletion of Printers

NoAddPrinter - Disables Addition of Printers

NoRun - Disables Run Command

NoSetFolders - Removes Folders from Settings on Start Menu

NoSetTaskbar - Removes Taskbar from Settings on Start Menu

NoFind - Removes the Find Command

NoDrives - Hides Drives in My Computers

NoNetHood - Hides the Network Neighborhood

NoDesktop - Hides all items on the Desktop

NoClose - Disables Shutdown

NoSaveSettings - Don't save settings on exit

DisableRegistryTools - Disable Registry Editing Tools - NOTE: Be Careful of this one

7.In the System key you can enter:

NoDispCPL - Disable Display Control Panel

NoDispBackgroundPage - Hide Background Page

NoDispScrSavPage - Hide Screen Saver Page

NoDispAppearancePage - Hide Appearance Page

NoDispSettingsPage - Hide Settings Page

NoSecCPL - Disable Password Control Panel

NoPwdPage - Hide Password Change Page

NoAdminPage - Hide Remote Administration Page

NoProfilePage - Hide User Profiles Page

NoDevMgrPage - Hide Device Manager Page

NoConfigPage - Hide Hardware Profiles Page

NoFileSysPage - Hide File System Button

NoVirtMemPage - Hide Virtual Memory Button

8.In the Network key you can enter:

NoNetSetupSecurityPage - H

NoNetSetup - Disable the Network Control Panel

NoNetSetupIDPage - Hide Identification Page

NoNetSetupSecurityPage - Hide Access Control Page

NoFileSharingControl - Disable File Sharing Controls

NoPrintSharing - Disable Print Sharing Controls

9.In the WinOldApp key you can enter:

Disabled - Disable MS-DOS Prompt

NoRealMode - Disables Single-Mode MS-DOS
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