Login Problems At UBB Forum

Login Problems At UBB Forum

This is due to the Users Security Settings have set the security not accepting cookies or third parties cookies.

Therefore, when a person tries to login it does not go to the next login page but returns and asks him/her to login again.

If he/she is using some programs of firewall, he/she needs to lower it to medium instead of high for internet.


Go to the Internet Explorer, Internet options, security.
(IE 6, SP1)
Privacy, Advanced button, set the cookies policy as:
[x] Override automatic cookie handling

First-party Cookies
[x] Accept
Third-party Coookies
[x] Block
[x] Always allow session cookies
See Below:

At the Web Sites, Edit button,
At the Address of Web site, add the following line:
http://www.wintrouble.net/ - click Allow.

wintrouble.net will be at managed web site list and always allow the cookie.
Click OK.
Restart computer.
Try to Login again.

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