Kazaa Had Bundled Spyware And Adware With Its Program

Kazaa Had Bundled Spyware And Adware With Its Program

Kazaa Had Bundled Spyware And Adware With Its Program, Which Is Not Removed By The Add/Remove Process.

Its parent company, Fast Track, apparently justifies this by arguing that it needs to make money to continue providing a free service. Some of us would consider this to be an ethically dubious claim.

"BDE" Trojan
Created : Modified:
April 19th, 2002 April 24th, 2002
Aliases: None
Type: Client/Server
This is the most common type of trojan. It allows the attacker to connect to your computer and use it without your permission or knowledge. As long as your PC is turn on and connected to the internet, the trojan can be activated and the "cracker" on the distant end, has -full- use and -complete- access to your PC.

This Trojan Is Installed Secretly With The Kazaa Program

There is a solution

Instructions for removing KaZaA- for Advanced Users Only

PLEASE READ THIS: you will need to repeat all or part of these instructions for ANY P2P application you might have on your computer.

How Do I know if I have Peer-to-Peer Networking on My Computer?

Part I of the KaZaA removal instructions(the Add/Remove Control panel) can be applied to any other applications- but, parts II and III (manual file and Registry key deletion) will differ. You will need to do your own Web search for each application to find out these details.

Some vendors provide uninstall instructions on their Web sites- BUT, be careful! If you go to these sites, many will automatically install MORE software onto your computer!!!

My Disclaimer
Unless you are experienced and extremely advanced Windows user, it is unlikely you will be able to successfully remove all traces of all P2P applications yourself. ITS recommends you have a professional do it.

Kazaa Media Desktop is the most widespread peer-to-peer file sharing program. At the time of writing 330.000.000 users has downloaded Kazaa Media Desktop according to download.com. Kazaa Media Desktop has since its first release bundled a large number of products: CyDoor, IncrediFind, Peer Points, NewDotNet, PerfectNav, P2P Networking, n-Case, SaveNow, Gator, b3d Projector, etc.

aid,114716,tk,dn021204X,00.asp,Kazaa Raid Stirs Up P-to-P Rivalries

Competitor wonders if Kazaa might actually be a centralized file-sharing network.


Part I: the Add/Remove Control Panel

1. If Kazaa is running( which it probably is) you have to QUIT out of it before you can uninstall it. Since it's not a regular application but rather a background process, you have to go to the Task Manager to force it to quit:

press Control-ALT-delete to go to the task Manager
find Kazaa in the list, click on it to highlight it, click END PROCESS

2. Start | Settings | Control Panel

3. double-click Add/Remove Programs

4. Find KaZaa in the list, click on it to highlight it, click Remove.

5. Repeat Steps 1 through 3 for "b3d Projector",

"Medialoads" and "New.Net" (all software installed by Kazaa that has to be removed separately)

Removing Kazaa Part II: manually delete files/folders

Make sure all the following have been deleted- if they haven't, delete them

C:\Program Files\Kazaa\
C:\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\KaZaA\
C:\Windows\Desktop\Kazaa Media Desktop.lnk
C:\Windows\Desktop\My Shared Folder.lnk
C:\Windows\Desktop\Kazaa Promotions.lnk
C:\Windows/System 32\cd_clint.dll

Removing Kazaa Part III: edit the Registry(FOR ADVANCED USERS ONLY)

delete the following:
HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Uninstall\KaZaA Media Desktop_is1


1. Go to Start | Settings | Control Panels , double click on "Add/Remove Programs".

2. Select "b3D Projector" and click on the button "Change/Remove".

3. Next find the folder labeled "BDE". It will probably be in the "Windows" or "Winnt" folder. You can use the "Find" utility to search for this folder.

4. Inside the "BDE" folder is a program called "bdeclean.exe". Double click on this file to run it.

5. Use the "Find" utility to search for a folder called "Brilliant". If it is found, delete this folder.

6. The final step is also the most time consuming. There are nine more files that you will have to find and
delete. They are:


This is how you remove that annoying "RUNDLL Error Loading" message: Go to Start>Run, enter msconfig and uncheck the StartUp process under the Startup tab. The source can be found under


Finally, you should install a spyware removal program. Firewalls won't block integrated browser toolbars and antivirus software won't detect spyware and adware toolbars because they aren't viruses. I downloaded Ad-aware 6 from Lavasoft; there are others, but Ad-aware has the advantage over others of being free for personal use and not only scans your system for nasties but allows you to delete them too.
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