BackWeb - Spyware Or Not?

BackWeb - Spyware Or Not?

Because SpybotSD identified backweb in Xerox programs I decided to look for the answer.

This is what I found.

BackWeb is a generic, background downloading tool that software vendors can incorporate into their product to download data (e.g. product updates) to the user's PC. Its operation depends on the instructions given to it by the individual software vendor who bundles it.

BackWeb has been associated with numerous large companies working on a corporate level to deliver timely information and updates. Essentially, BackWeb is a communications program whereby a large amount of users may be contacted in an instant.

Information may be collected from many sources including applications which may then be delivered to the collection site. Further, this technology is based upon an open architecture whereby third-party developers may develop customized applications to meet their needs.

BackWeb has plug-in module capabilities to further extend features and capabilities of the core program. One such established plug-in module is the "BackWeb Polite Upstream" which allows for the *reverse flow* of communications. Communications from the client may be delivered to the server for assimilation into a collection point for further processing.

May use port 6670 (as may Deep Throat 1,2 & 3.x, Foreplay, Reduced Foreplay, WinNuke eXtreame, and other programs.)

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