AVG - Frequently Asked Questions

AVG - Frequently Asked Questions

General questions:

Question. Is AVG reliable?
Answer. Yes it is in use all around the world, and we use it on all of our own systems.

Question. Does AVG update?
Answer. Yes, regularly over the Internet. You can schedule updates daily. Unlike other antivirus software products that only release updates weekly or monthly AVG updates are available as soon as they are released as soon as a new virus is detected.

Question. How long does the license last for?
Answer. All licenses (unless special editions) will last for a full 2 years.

Question. What do I get within those 2 years?
Answer. You will entitled to all Virus updates and as long as you are a registered user all program updates (including new editions) and email technical support.

Question. Which version of AVG do I need?
Answer. If you only have one computer to protect then buy a AVG Professional single user.

If you have 2 or more workstations and do not require central updating then you can buy AVG SoHo for the number of workstations.

If you require central updating and / or need to install AVG on a NT server along with the workstations then you need AVG Network edition that covers the total number of workstations and servers.

If you have an Email Server which has an official AVG plug-in then you need AVG Mail Server and Gateway edition with a license size matching the number of mailboxes or accounts. (NB you will still require AVG Network Edition for the remaining number of workstations and servers)

If you only want to install AVG on a file server then you need AVG File Server edition with license size matching number of workstations or connections to the server on the network.

Question. Is AVG compatible with Microsoft Small Business Edition?
Answer. Yes you will need AVG Mail Server and Gateway edition for Exchange license size the same as the number of mail boxes in Exchange. If you want to also cover the workstations then additionally you will need AVG Network edition equal to the number of workstations.

Question. Can I upgrade to AVG 7?
Answer. Yes, all you need to do is register here and you will be sent a new number within 14 days for the corresponding AVG 7 product (2 yr license) for Free!

Question. What happens if I purchased AVG Expert edition?
Answer. You will entitled to upgrade to the corresponding AVG 7 license for 50% off the current list price. You will need to contact us to do this

Technical Questions

For all technical questions, please refer to the Grisoft Corporate Website, this also includes the latest virus information.
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