How To Create a Rescue Disk That Reads Your CD-ROM

Create a Rescue Disk That Reads Your CD-ROM

Modern BIOSes permit selecting CDROM as the first priority for booting.

Is it possible to prepare a CD containing everything that is necessary to overcome a situation that gives no accesss to Windows (95 or 98)?

I mean a process like this:

1 - Start the computer, pressing DEL to get the BIOS setup options

2 - Select the option that starts with CDROM and confirm the change to restart the boot.

3 - Boot from a CD.

The questions in detail are, in case the answer is affirmative, what should go on such a CD. Can something similar to the command

sys r:

[where r is the drive letter for the CDROM reader]

be tranfered to a CD? What else should be burnt on the CD?

I know that some PC builders (technicians) have a master CD with system and other programs that they "spill" into a new machine, wasting minimum time in software installation. Question is whether something similar can be done as a rescue tool.

Thank you very very much.

Ze'ev (Guillermo) Altschuler


Yes it can be done. here's an example of what to put on the CD.

Volume in drive C:\ is
Directory of C:\1\Cd-Boot\
ATAPIMGR.SYS 11 KB 1/10/97
ATTRIB.EXE 15 KB 5/11/98
COMMAND.COM 92 KB 5/11/98
CONFIG.SYS 1 KB 5/5/99
EDIT.COM 69 KB 5/11/98
EMM386.EXE 123 KB 5/11/98
EXTRACT.EXE 92 KB 5/11/98
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