Processes: What Are These

Processes: What Are These

The "KERNEL32.DLL" process is not really a process; it represents the part of the system that is responsible for the Win32 subsystem.

The "MSGSRV32.EXE" process acts as the liaison between 16-bit and 32-bit system components, manages various system housekeeping tasks, and is also used as part of Plug and Play.

The "MPREXE.EXE" process manages your passwords, user profiles, and network connections.

The "mmtask.tsk" process manages the system multimedia services.

The "SPOOL32.EXE" process manages the system printer spooler.

The "smss or smss.exe" process is used to start, manage, and delete user sessions or client sessions under Terminal Server.

The "svchost - svchost.exe - Process that works as a host process for services that run from dynamic link libraries.

The Number Of Threads Created By The Process.

You may notice that MS-DOS programs take two threads. One is for the MS-DOS program itself (COMMAND.COM, or whatever). The other is the thread that handles the user interface for the MS-DOS program (toolbar, scroll bars, system menu, etc.)

To View A Description of Processes in Windows XP

For XP Professional, using the Tasklist command:

1. Click Start, Run and type cmd

2. Type "Tasklist /svc >C:\TaskList.txt"

3. The TaskList.txt will contain the services list (launched by each Svchost process)
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