How To Format A NTFS Hard Drive

How To Format A NTFS Hard Drive


I am using Windows XP Pro and NTFS and I want to format my hdd, just like I did with FAT 32. However, being an NTFS drive, the floppy won't recognize it. How can I format my hard disk ?


1. Open your BIOS and set your CD Drive as the first bootable device.

2. Insert your Windows XP CD in the CD Drive and reboot your computer.

3. You'll see a message to hit "F2" to boot to the CD.

4. The setup menu will appear and you should elect to delete the existing Windows partition, then create a new partition, then format that partition (preferably NTFS) and proceed to install Windows XP.

5. Windows XP Clean Install:

Reformatting or repartitioning a disk deletes all of the data that is on it, so make sure that you back up your data before you reformat.

Start the computer by using the Windows XP CD-ROM or the Startup disks.

When the Welcome to Setup screen appears, press F10.

In Recovery Console, specify the appropriate installation, and then log on by using your Administrator password or leave it blank if you don't have a password.

Type map , and then press ENTER.

Note the drive that you want to reformat. The drive letters may be different in Recovery Console from what they are in Windows XP.

Type format x: /fs:fat32 or format x: /fs:ntfs, where x is the letter of the drive that you want to format and FAT32/NTFS is the file system that you want to use, and then press ENTER.

Type y and then press ENTER to confirm your choice. When the formatting process is finished, type exit and then press ENTER, to restart the computer.

Manually Remove XP

If you don't have a Windows XP CD, you can download a set of boot disks from the following site;
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