Emachine: Consumer Complaints About Emachine

Consumer Complaints About Emachine

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It is possible -- but not easy -- to build an inexpensive computer that is not a candidate for the shredder. eMachine does a nice job of packaging and marketing but as the complaints in this section illustrate, there are many who would argue that the company has not achieved the right mix of affordability and quality.

Expert Testimony
Vern, a computer science instructor in the Northwest writes:

As a computer science teacher I am getting flooded with cries for help from people who bought eMachines. I bought one to have a look and the phrase "you get what you pay for" comes to mind. In my opinion, the Etower 366c that I bought is built from proprietary junk.

The poor little power supply hasn't got a chance of running for long. The motherboard has sockets that are not supported or even listed by the industry (AMC PORT?)still looking. I wonder what resources that component is trying to grab, since it has no drivers that I can find.

After a week of installing patches from Microsoft, searching for documentation on the web and begging for assistance from Trigem-USA, my conclusion is that the students and I, owners of these expensive paper weights, will be forced to change the motherboards and saw holes in the cases to install proper power supplies.

My machine locks up regularly and complains about system resources being critically low. That is not a surprise since they are trying to run W/98 and all the web goodies on 32 MB of ram.

What should we tell the students that purchased these machines for a special project and can't use them the way they are, or get information to upgrade them? This is a tough lesson to learn when these kids are struggling to eat.

I use terms in my classes -- "evil skippy" that refers to dishonest computer techs, and "stupid skippy" refers to those techs that have no clue but do the work anyway. My opinion of eMachines is that they underpriced and underbuilt their product. The end result is that they can't provide the support needed to correct the problems.

There are ways to put a stop to companies that abuse their customers:

Vote with your feet, make sure everybody on the planet knows how you were treated and what you got for your hard earned dollars.

Cut your losses, don't throw good money after bad. This is a good machine for you to learn to repair and upgrade yourself. What do ya have to lose?

Complain LOUDLY to the "Cheap-Stuff-Mart" where you bought it. It comes down to purchasing agents that have not done their homework.

Do some reassert BEFORE you buy. Decide what you want to do with it and make sure you are really getting what you need and what you pay for.

Anyone can learn to build a computer. It's easy and cheaper if you do a little reading and research, buy a fix-it book and FOLLOW THE INSTRUCTIONS.
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