Dual-Boot Windows: All

Dual-Boot Windows ME, SE, 98, 95 On A XP, 2K, NT System That Uses NTFS

You can then select to load either Windows from a Startup Menu during bootup. No third-party boot utility is used here.

The first method described here (Two Disks #) requires the addition of a second hard disk. This 2nd disk must use a FAT or FAT32 file system. Many users have a hard disk from a previous PC that still contains a bootable Win9x - this disk can be used, retaining that Win9x exactly as it was (including all its software, e-mail, passwords, etc).

The second method (One Disk #) uses a single hard disk though you must create a FAT or FAT32 partition after the NTFS partition. You can use free space (if any) at the end of the disk, or convert an unused/unessential NTFS partition - otherwise you need a third-party partition utility to avoid data loss.

See: http://thpc.info/
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