How To Print Every File And Every Directory Listing On Your Computer

How To Print Every File And Every Directory Listing On Your Computer
1. Just DOWNLOAD Dirlist.bat HERE and put it in your root directory.
2. To make a list just double-click it.

This tweak lets you right-click on any folder icon and tell Windows to print a list of all the files and subfolders it contains.

1. Make a .bat file like so:

dir/s/oe %1 /o:gn > "%temp%\Dir Listing"
if not exist dirlist\NUL md dirlist
if exist c:\dirlist\Dirlist.txt goto Two
move "%temp%\Dir Listing" c:\dirlist\Dirlist.txt
goto End
move "%temp%\Dir Listing" c:\dirlist\Dirlist2.txt
cd dirlist
call nextfile Dirlist txt

This batch file will let you run before and installation creating "Dirlist.txt".

Then, again after an installation creating "Dirlist2.txt".

Then use a good file compare utility like I use, ExamDiff Pro. You can get the freeware version or the Pro version at

Visual File Comparison Tool

Or My Personal Favorite Super-Duper Text File Editor/Html/Hex/Search And Replace/Compare/Much More Program "ULTRA EDIT" AT

2. Open Windows Explorer, choose View, Options (or Folder Options), and click on the File Types tab. Select File Folder, then click on Edit and New. Fill in the New Action dialog box (put in any name you want, example "Print Directory Listing" and it will appear on right click) and save your changes.

3. Right-click on any folder icon and choose Print Directory Listing to send a detailed directory list to the newly created Dirlist directory/folder.


You can modify this .bat file to you liking, for instance:

The very first Dir command can be just [dir]

The /s shows you the sub-directories

The /oe tells it to arrange the files in acceding order by the extensions.

This is a great for before and after installation comparison.

Thank You Scott Pearce for re-writting this file for me.
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