How To Click On a Screen Saver

Ever wish you had quick access to the screen savers on your system? Create a folder filled with screen saver shortcuts right on the Start menu. Then, whenever you get up from your desk, you can select any one of them at the press of a button. If you use your screen savers' password-protection option, this tip is especially useful for quick security--assuming no one knows how to break through it!)

First, create a new folder called Screen Savers in your Start menu: Right-mouse click Start; select Open; right-mouse click a blank area in the open Start Menu window; select New, Folder; type a name for the folder; and press Enter. Leave the Start Menu window open.

Next, locate all the screen saver files on your system. Select Start, Find, Files or Folders, and on the Look in line, click the down arrow and select your hard drive(s). Click the Advanced tab and next to 'Of type', click the down arrow and select Screen Saver. Click Find Now, and Windows will compile a list of all your screen savers.

Now just create shortcuts to all the 'found' screen savers in your new Screen Saver folder. If necessary, move and/or resize the Start Menu folder so that your Screen Saver folder is visible on screen alongside the Find window. Then select all the files in the Find window (place the focus on this window, then press Ctrl+A). Right-mouse click and drag the selection directly over your Screen Saver folder, let go, and select Create Shortcut(s) Here. And that's it. Close all open windows.

Optional: If you want to use password-protection, make sure this option has been set. Right-mouse click the desktop, select Properties, and select the Screen Saver tab. Select any screen saver that uses a password, select the Password checkbox (and click Change to set a new password, if necessary), and click OK.

Ready to try out all this hard work? Select Start, select your new screen saver folder, and take your pick from the pop-out menu. Instant screen saver, at your service.
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