How To Automate Your Backups

Automate Your Backups

Would you like to automate your backups and do them while you're away from the machine? Here's a way to do that and use a relatively inexpensive program like Power Quests Drive Image Pro.

Here's an efficient way to automate the backing up of partitions, daily, weekly or monthly using the Task Scheduler included with Windows 98. (For most versions of Windows 95, you will have to apply a plus pack to get the Task Scheduler program.) Following the steps below you can automate the image creation process.

1. First, create your script file (This example assumes your image will be stored on drive D: ). To do this, open a DOS shell in Windows, and type edit script.txt at the C:\ prompt.

In the DOS editor screen, add the following lines to script.txt:




2. Save script.txt with the above lines to the C: drive, or to a diskette if you would like to run it that way.

3. Find your Drive Image directory in Windows Explorer.

4. Once in the directory, right-click on the pqdi.exe file, and select properties.

5. Click on the Program tab.

6. Adjust the command line to specify the location of the script file, and where you would like to store the image. (In the above example the command line would read: PQDI /CMD=C:\SCRIPT.TXT /IMG=D:\IMAGES\BACKUP.PQI)

7. Click on Advanced and check the "MS-DOS mode" box.

8. Finally, add PQDI.EXE to the Task Scheduler. Configure it for a specific time, date, etc.
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