How To Set Up Win95 From Upgrade Cd Without Old Win 3.X

1. You have a clean-formatted Hard drive and no Win3.1. Find another computer and do the following.

2. Open Control Panel

3. Double click on 'Add-Remove programs'

4. Click on third Tab named 'Make Boot Disk'

5. Insert a formated disk in drive A and click 'Create'. This will create a bootable

system disk with DOS 7.0 (the native W95 DOS)

6. Open a DOS Window and use the 'copy' command to copy your CD-ROM driver (something like TOSHV212.SYS for Toshiba ATAPI) on your diskette

7. Open Notepad and load 'Autoexec.bat' from the diskette.

Add the line:


(assuming MSCDEX.EXE is in the root directory and D: is your CD-ROM drive) 8. Save Autoexec.bat in the diskette.

9. Load 'Config.sys' from the diskette.

10. Add the line:

DEVICE=A:\Driver.SYS /D:MSCD000 /N:1

(where 'driver.sys' is your CD-ROM driver. Check your CD-ROM's installation disk for that)

11. Save 'Config.sys' in the diskette.

12. To prevent W95 setup from asking Win3.1 disks select 'File/New' on Notepad and type:


13. Save as 'Batch.txt' on the diskette.

14. Perform a 'scandisk' on the diskette

15. On your computer, boot with this diskette on drive A:

16. Change to CD-ROM (D: ) to make sure that everything it's OK.

If not, check again the bat and sys files yoy created.
17. Insert your Windows 95 Upgrade CD. Make sure you're seing D:\> or E:\>

18. Type Setup A:\Batch.txt (Press enter)

19. Follow the on screen instructions.

After several minutes you will have a brand new installation.

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