How To Get Windows 95 Power Toys

Get Win95 Power Toys Here

There's an easy way to send the full path of a file to the clipboard, so you can paste it into a document.

I used to drop a shortcut to the file on my desktop, right-click it, select Properties, click the Shortcut tab, press Ctrl-C to send the Target line to the clipboard, then delete the shortcut.

One of the Windows 95 PowerToys, Send To X (for Extensions), provides this exact function. You can download this and all of the other PowerToys from Microsoft's Web site. Point your browser to

Then follow the download instructions. (Tip: To install Send To X, right-mouse-click sendtox.inf and select Install.)

Once Send To X is installed, using it to send the path of a file to the clipboard is a snap. Just right-click the file, select Send To, then choose Clipboard as Name in the resulting menu. Now just switch over to the destination document and press Ctrl-V to paste it in there.
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