40 Freeware In One Install

40 Freeware In One Install


Thirty Five Freeware In One Install, listed below. doesn't include above Right Start Menu or FloatMenu. Words can't explain these valuable mini utilities, check them out. Your feedback is essential, please come back for updates. More coming.

AttriBat, file and folders attributes manager.

AlphaBook, keep your notes indexed in alphabetic pages.

BlockIt, blocks access to your computer when turned on Win95/98/Me only.

Stay OnTop Text, compare text by keeping "Stay Ontop Text" always ontop.

US and Country area codes, US states area code, zipcodes, any country and area codes.

Calculator, simple calculator with a scrolling window.

Calendar, use in place the calendar supplied with OS.

Calendar2, different calendar, take your pick.

Color Converter, RGB Color converter.

Change Video resolution, you can quickly change video resolution.

Drive Info, get all hard drives free and used space info in one display.

File Inventory, print all files in a directory or save it to a text. IcoViewer, view all icons in a directory, option to view selected icon in Systray and Taskbar.

IcViewer, a mini icon viewer and tester, adds View to the context menu when right clicking an icon (optional).

LFN Backup and Restore, backup the Long File Names names.

Make Shortcut, make shortcut any where.

Move, gets added to the Context menu. Right click file(s)/folder(s) and select to move or copy files/folders locally or to network computer.

MyNotes, save your notes safely with excellent quick search, daily notes rotary backup.

Notes Lite save your notes safely with quick search, daily notes rotary backup.

OCX Fix, fixes OCX problems.

AlphaSort, sorts lines in alphabetic order.

Resource Meter and Resource Monitor, monitor resources and swap file usage Win95/98/Me only.

SubInfo, retains all your personal info, click any button to copy specific info to the clipboard.

Win9x Config, it is software and a tip on how to remove the added junk in Win Me, Win98, Win95 OSR2c and Win95 that has IE40 installed in it. Read the two page tip and run the Win9x config tool that fixes your registry, MsDos.sys and disables AutoScan and Scanreg vicious restore circles.

Task Scheduler, Schedule tasks and run it as an alarm.

MiniApps 2 included in MiniApps installation, find MiniApps 2 in the StartMenu.

Clean Startup, Backup and remove all from the Startup folder, Registry Run and Registry RunServices, restart computer to get a clean start so you can run Defrag and backups with no errors or to trouble shoot startups. Then you can restore removed items, restart computer to restore all items and computer to original state.

End Tasks, you can end task all running programs in one shot.

MyNotesA, similar to MyNotes above but complete different. Make Sub Directory, adds "Make Sub Directory to the context menu where you can easily make a new directory.

Make Win Me Boot Disk, makes a Win Me Boot Disk in Win Me. Auto Connect, automatically connects/disconnects dial-up to the internet to retrieve email.

Check Spell, copies clipboard when you open it, checks spelling in English/US, English/British, Dutch and Spanish. Also English Thesaurus. (All new Sep 2, 2 001) Download British, Dutch and Spanish dictionaries (2.1) MB.

Stop Watch, use it as a stop watch, countdown or clock.

Clean Temps, Clean the Temp directory, Temporary Internet Files and Cookies. A must have utility, use daily.

Network Auto Connect, automatically connects/disconnects Network card, thus connects/disconnects DSL and Cable from being connected to the internet all the time. You can configure your email software to retrieve email if connection is present, it will retrieve your email when connected.

OCX Fix Ver 3.23 Sep 7, 2001 (8 KB) If you ever get OCX error from any of this site programs, OCX Fix will fix it. Included in MiniApps
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