3 Ha, 3 Ha, 7 Ha Spit!!....And The Rat Pack

That's just one of the titles to a chapter in my 39 page "Docu-Comedy"

Whisperings Of My Heart

"Freedom exists in the unencumbered mind. I know this because it is the experience of my life; therefore my reality. I offer this as a prayer: If my bones be broken, so be it. If my flesh is torn and deteriorating, I must accept that. With head bowed I ask, allow my mind to remain swift and free from entrenchment, so that I may, on impulse, follow the whisperings of my heart."

This is a short story I wrote about the Physical Rehabilitation Ward where I spent 10 months after breaking my fool neck.

It's written in a light hearted streak of humor because that's just the way I remember it. Of course there was tragedy there. Given ten months in a Hospital's Physical Rehabilitation Ward, you come to see it all.

It was the greatest experience of my life and the was much to laugh about.

I'm honored to be able to share it with you.
I hope you'll read it.

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